Seeing the Future Through the Present: Gardening and Imagination

Join us for a special program exploring the art of gardening with a special focus on native plants.

Gardening is a gentle art and yet it needs imagination, strength and perhaps more than anything else the vision that sees the future through the present and bravely works towards that vision.

—Beatrix Jones Farrand, pioneering landscape architect and designer

In this program, co-sponsored with The Garden Club of America (GCA), panelists will take their cue from Farrand and explore the imagination, strength, and vision gardening requires, with a special focus on native plants. The program will draw upon the knowledge and work of women gardeners, conservationists, photographers, and landscape designers to discuss why we need native plants and what organizations are doing to protect and foster them. 


  • SaSa Panarese, National Chairman, GCA Conservation Committee
  • Leslie Purple, National Chairman, GCA Photography Committee
  • Elizabeth “Liza” Gilbert, landscape designer and board member, Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy
  • Moderator: Dede Petri, President, GCA

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This program is sponsored by The Garden Club of America and the National Museum of Women in the Arts

National Museum of Women in the Arts